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  • How do I submit a service request?

    You can submit a service request in at least two ways:

    • Via the web at

      • Visit the New Request page.

      • Enter the address where the issue is located. If you are unsure of the exact address, use Google Maps to find out what the approximate address is.

      • Select the request type that best reflects your issue from the drop down menu below the map.

      • Assign your issue a title in the Title box.

      • Create a description for the issue that best explains the issue to the municipality. The more details, the better. Include any extra information about the location of the issue in the description.

      • Add a photo of the issue, if available. Once the request has been submitted, additional photos can be added as comments.

      • Include your email address to receive updates about the progress of your request from start to finish. Including an email address without logging in to a PublicStuff account means, if publicly visible, your request will show as “anonymous.” If you wish to remain completely anonymous, do not include your email address.

        • Note: Certain client municipalities require that all service requests include an email address.

    • From the mobile app:

      • If using the generic PublicStuff app, confirm your default location. If using a city specific app, choosing a default location is not necessary.

      • Select the ‘New Request’ icon to begin creating your service request.

      • Select the Request Type that best describes the nature of your issue.

      • Title your issue in the Title box.

      • Describe the nature of the issue by providing as much descriptive information as possible. Include any specific location details, if necessary. Remember the more information provided to the municipality, the better!

      • Click the photo icon in the bottom left corner of the app to add a photo to your request. Including a photo is not necessary, but it can be helpful to the city. Additional photos can be added to the request by commenting on the issue.

      • Press the lock icon to make your request private and only visible to the city.

      • Click on the address to open up the map to make changes to the location. The address can be manually edited  in the address bar, or by dropping the map marker pin on the correct location. The default location was automatically detected and filled-in by the app. Press ‘Done’ once you have selected the location.

      • Press ‘Post’ to submit the issue. To increase the impact of your request, share it with others who live in your area.

  • How do I know if my city uses PublicStuff?

    PublicStuff is available for nationwide service request submission. Our staff ensures that each request is forwarded to the correct municipal department regardless of whether they are yet a PublicStuff customer.

  • How many service requests can I submit at once?

    Residents can only submit one service request at a time.

  • Do I need to create a PublicStuff account in order to submit a service request?

    Residents are not required to create a PublicStuff account in order to submit a service request. You can:

    • Choose to create an account upon submitting your request.

    • Include an email address to receive status updates about your issue. Any requests submitted from a non-PublicStuff registered account are displayed  as “Anonymous” when publicly visible on the PublicStuff website.

    • Submit a request without including an email address to remain completely anonymous. Note: certain client municipalities require the inclusion of an email address for request submission.

  • When will my request get completed?

    Depending on the type of service request, priority level, and resources available, your municipality will assign resources to complete a request. Progress can be tracked via the tracking number received upon submitting your service request.

  • I have a question about my service request, what do I do?

    Questions about your service request can be added by commenting on the original service request. For technical assistance, please  contact

  • Can I submit an anonymous request?

    Submitting your issue while not signed in to a PublicStuff account will do so anonymously. Including your email enables status updates about your issue from city staff, but your request will still display as “Anonymous” if you’ve chosen to make it publicly visible on the PublicStuff site. For complete anonymity,  do not include an email address with your request. Press the ‘Public’ button on the lower right of the Request Submission page to set your request so that it is only visible to city staff. .

  • Is this platform only available in the United States?

    While PublicStuff is a U.S. based system, we are currently testing in several international markets. Please contact us at if you are interested in incorporating our system internationally.

  • Will you sell my personal data to a third party website or vendor?

    We will never sell your information to a third party. Please refer to our privacy policy to learn more about the safety and use of your personal information.

  • I want this for my city! How can we make that happen?

    Members of a city government can request a demo here or send an email to

    Residents can share details about Public Stuff with their elected officials and city administration. We’d be happy to follow-up with them!

  • Can I integrate your mobile app or API into my website?

    Visit our Developers page for more information about our API or contact

  • How can I interview someone at PublicStuff?

    Please email

  • I work for a university, shopping Center, or sports/entertainment facility, can you extend your system to our industry?

    PublicStuff’s workflow and request management suite can be used across many industries. If of interest, please contact

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