PublicStuff helps cities transform their relationship with residents through technology.

Alexis Phillips

Alexis obtained a meteorology degree from Penn State and then spent 5 years as an analyst and account manager for insurance and capital markets clients around the world. Along with providing excellent customer service to PublicStuff users, Alexis enjoys traveling, running, staring at the clouds, and supporting local food until the (grassfed) cows come home.

Andrew Lection

Andrew is an iOS mobile developer specializing in user interface and audio programming. A graduate of UNC Asheville with a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, Andrew moved to NYC in 2011 to attend New York University for a Master’s in Music Technology. When Andrew is not coding he enjoys playing/recording music and exploring New York's music scene.

Anna Hewitt

Anna Hewitt is an intern focusing on quantitative analysis, market research, and competitive positioning. She’s a math-statistics major in Columbia University’s class of 2015. She was born near Zürich, Switzerland, and has mostly lived in NYC. She’s active in Kappa Alpha Theta, runs, and swims.

Arielle Rudin

Arielle joined PublicStuff after working at companies like iFilm, MTV Networks, and Plantronics. Coupling a background in fine art and new media with a desire to explore how technology can be leveraged to enact social change, joining PublicStuff was a no-brainer. In her free time Arielle loves getting buried in books, discovering new music, collecting zines, and dabbling in photography.

Chihung Liao

Chihung (@xchihungx) graduated from the University of Oregon with a BFA in Digital Arts specialized in Graphic Design. She works as a creative thinker, has an eye for good design for effective communications. With her previous experiences working with exhibition design and event planning, she assists PublicStuff by sharpening visual identity and bringing marketing materials to the next level.

Gayatri Mohan

Gayatri is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, with a liberal arts degree in architecture. She joined PublicStuff after working in marketing at an architectural design studio in India. Gayatri is a performer and teacher at a classical dance company/school, and continues to pursue her love of architecture and visual art on the side.

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan obtained his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 2009 and master's degree in Electrical Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2012. He has a diverse background of software development including Android, iOS, web, and application development. Originally from New Hampshire, Jonathan moved to the Big Apple in September 2012 to join PublicStuff.

Julian Norton

Julian (@JulianNorton) is a graphic designer who appreciates working with an awesome team. With a BFA in Graphic Design, and a love for the web, he can kern as well as code. While not contemplating the user interface, he enjoys: playing chess, reading design related sub-reddits, and running.

Julie Weintraub

Julie began her professional career at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Since her early days in the arts, she has worked at companies such as W. W. Norton and Co. and where she was the Director of Client Services. Julie is a graduate of NYC’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School and Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. Julie enjoys theater, classical music, New York history, and spending time with her family in Brooklyn.

Kacie Lyn Kocher

Kacie (@kacielynkocher) came to manage PublicStuff's operations after finishing an MSc at the London School of Economics. She's worked and managed international teams and has built strategic community-based solutions with start-ups, NGOs, companies and governments in Turkey, Morocco, the UK, the US, and India. Letter writing, painting, and traveling through food are among her many hobbies.

Lily Liu

Lily (@luliu) is the co-founder of PublicStuff. Her inspiration to start PublicStuff came from direct experience working in government, including Mayor Bloomberg's Special Project & Analytics team, the City of Long Beach, CA and TSA. Lily was recently named one of Forbes' 30 under 30', received her Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon University, is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, and a lover of the arts.

Mandy Lim

Mandy studies Project and Facilities Management in National University of Singapore and is currently doing a one year internship with PublicStuff. She has keen interests in social changes, photography and traveling. During her free time, she goes around the neighborhood looking for good cafes and Japanese restaurant. Mandy never gets tired of sashimi and vegetables and she could have them almost everyday.

Paul Wolf

Paul came to PublicStuff with an award-winning career in sales and sales management including 14 years in SaaS solutions. His past experience with start-ups, Workspeed and FullEcom, was easily transferable to sell PublicStuff's platform. Paul is a graduate of The University of Arizona and a father of three children. Paul enjoys travelling, music and diving.

Rafa Pacas

Rafa (@rapala61) likes implementing solutions that are both creative and practical, while always thinking about how to improve the improvements. Rafa joined Publicstuff after serving as the director of IT and sole programmer of a successful NYC-based energy demand response start-up. Rafa is a musician, enjoys watching movies, reading about personality traits, and loves to learn new things everyday.

Raymond Manalo

Raymond has worked with defense contracting, non-profits and civic engagement communities for a better part of his career after graduating with a BS in Computer Science. At PublicStuff, Raymond is excited to build software to help bring residents and city governments closer together through technology. When not coding, Raymond can be found shopping for the latest and trendiest styles and expanding his "worse-than-a-girl" shoe collection.

Rohit Mittal

Rohit is a Business Management and Policy Economics major at New York University and President of the Student Council. He started his academic career back home in Lubbock, Texas, where he won awards in Mathematics and Debate. He has experience working in a Congressman’s office and NASA in Texas. Rohit enjoys traveling, spending time with his family and, when he has time, sleep.

Ryan Chan

Ryan is fascinated by the intersection of technology and public policy. Upon graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Science, Ryan ran a mayoral campaign and was published in a top 20 international relations journal. Born and raised in San Francisco, he spent the last two years working at technology firms in Silicon Valley. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys cycling, basketball, and weight-lifting.

Ryan Williams

Ryan joined PublicStuff after moving to New York from Florida. He graduated with a B.A. in Music and a minor in Computer Science from Florida State University and likes to spend his free time tinkering with technology, riding his bicycle, and making music.

Surya Yalamanchili

Surya (@suryasays) joined PublicStuff after working at companies like Procter & Gamble, LinkedIn, and Groupon. PublicStuff is a natural fit given his fascination with the intersection of technology, government, and citizen empowerment. Surya, a proud Rutgers graduate, is also a long-suffering Mets/Jets fan, an amateur writer, and a big fan of movies/books.

Trevor Clark

Trevor joined PublicStuff because he believes that governments can leverage technology to efficiently solve everyday problems and delight their citizens as effectively as the private sector serves their customers, based on his experience in health care with ZocDoc. Trevor maintains a love-hate relationship with the political writers @ NYMAG, enjoys discussing books with his wife, and loves turtles, fish, the NY Aquarium, turtles, stickers, Richard Scarry and monkeys (or: his beautiful, toddler-aged daughter).

Vincent Polidoro

Vincent has a dual degree in Computer Science and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to working with PublicStuff, he was developing interactive software platforms, including working with large corporations to create voice activated warehouse management software. Vincent most recently managed the technical team at Post Factory, a premier film company in New York City. He also has experience working with Red Zone Robotics, in addition to founding several other successful companies.